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Stevan Eldred-Grigg's best selling novel is back ... with zombies!

We all know about the zombie virus that ravaged New Zealand between the two world wars, but little has been written about how the biters it created affected the lives of women, especially working class women. Stevan Eldred-Grigg’s best selling novel about twin sisters growing up during the depression has been updated by Helen Mae Innes to include the previously ignored and despised minority, the zombies.

A black comedy, this story shows us how the sisters, their sharp and shrewd mother, and many other women struggled to avoid being bitten by biters, cared gingerly for hunches who didn’t want to eat their brains (just yet), and watched as the ‘cured’ lurkers started to take their jobs.

Even during pandemics girls grow up, worry about boys, go out to work, get married, and have babies, all while trying to keep their brains safe inside their skulls. At the beginning the twins are small, fearful and helpless. By the end of the story they’re armed and ready to go after the enemy ... but who is the real enemy?  

A novel about survival in extraordinary times, Oracles & Miracles & Zombies is an inspiration to women of all generations.

Oracles & Miracles & Zombies

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