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About Piwaiwaka Press

A New Zealand Fantail perching on a farm
- Who are we? -

Piwaiwaka Press was set up by authors and readers who wanted to see great writing printed right here in New Zealand. 

The piwaiwaka flits around a lot, hopping from branch to branch, turning quickly in the air. We're similar. We read history, novels, poetry, short stories, non-fiction, true tales, flicking through the pages, picking up one book and then another, always on the look out for another great read. We will be publishing a range of books but with a particular emphasis on New Zealand history and fiction.

Piwaiwaka Press currently has its home in Wellington. 

Image by Leon
- Green and social values -

We believe printing books is a great way to support the environment as paper books can last many decades, even hundreds of years, whereas the e-readers are obsolete in a few short years. We print our books on sustainably managed renewable stock. We use local printers so as to minimise shipping distances. We believe in printing our books in New Zealand rather than overseas as we want to support workers here. 

​We actively support the Innes Bush Sanctuary - a 30 hectare area of regenerating bush in Wainuiomata which has been fenced off from feral deer and pigs in order to grow the trees native birds love but which are currently being destroyed by pests. For every copy of Into the Woods sold we will plant a native tree inside the QE2 covenanted area. 

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