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Maggie's philosophy is Make Maths Not Suck! And she has succeeded with this colourful, fun, clear, and mathematically sound approach to teaching mathematics. Making Maths Add Up takes a revolutionary new approach to teaching maths by starting from scratch and breaking seemingly complex mathematical concepts down into their core parts, then building upon each foundation skill clearly and intuitively.

Children can jump in at the point they feel comfortable for each topic, allowing them to focus on the maths skills themselves and not arbitrary ‘levels’ and leaving room for revision, learning, and extension. 

It starts at the level of 2 + 2 and teaches skills that quickly make equations like 680 + 70 easy to solve. This book seamlessly incorporates algebra, word problems, and mnemonic storytelling. The relaxed, chatty style with cheerful, colourful images puts kids at ease.


Maggie's book is ideal for both the student who has (allegedly) "fallen behind" and those who are excelling and are "ahead" for their year, i.e. all levels can pick up this book, find the stage at which they feel comfortable and start working from there. Students can start at the beginning of each chapter and do the easier exercises quickly as revision or jump straight to the difficult questions. 

This book encourages independent learning and has been peer-reviewed by teachers and students alike. The specialist font makes this resource accessible to all learners.


Making Maths Add Up Book 1

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  • Paperback

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