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A clever, hopeful, young graduate, Tito López, is poised at the entry to adulthood as well as a whole new millennium. Living in a provincial Mexican city at the turn of the 21st century he wants what most of us want … a career, love, happiness. But will he find any of them on Cerro del Calvario?


What’s up with his nunnish clever sister Angelita? Will the deer’s eye work – the amulet given by the wrinkled family workhorse, María? Who’s the mysterious blond god, Salvador?


The Unused Life of Tito López portrays the Lopez family in a way that will seem familiar to those from middle-class suburban families almost anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile, readers from outside Mexico will be intrigued by the sense of other, parallel, exotic, existences in our contemporary world.

The Unused Life of Tito López

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