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Lil is a failure. A fait accompli of failure. She has failed in family, relationships, fashion, style, and employment. If failure were a skill, she would be a triumph. But it isn't, and she isn't - she's just a failure.

Her dream of art and the artist life has diminished and her hope of eternal love, romance and a perfect relationship has faded. Now in her late thirties, with, she feels, no marketable skills or discernable talents, teaching English is all she has. She could give an artist's impression of a good job but couldn't get one if her life depended upon it, and now she's beginning to feel it may well do. She can't understand how she's a supporting actor in the movie of her own life and needs to do something with her life before life does something to her.

A light-hearted novel with bite Learn by Mosaic is a relatable read which will resonate and stay with the reader long after they have finished the final page.

Learn by Mosaic

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